Brooklyn Bar Association News

Posted by: Robert Abruzzese on Jun 14, 2021


It is fitting that the theme of NYC Pride for 2021 is “The Fight Continues,” as Pride month is a time to reflect on the battles waged and focus on fighting the battles that still need to be won. We remember the events at Stonewall and The Snake Pit and want to reiterate that we are in solidarity with our siblings whose black and transgender lives matter. We further recognize the increasing tide of hate against other minority communities, particularly Asian and Jewish Americans. We cannot change the history of systemic racism and homophobia in the United States, nor the deaths of so many at the hands of the police, but we can endeavor to recognize the reality of them and work toward a better future.  We continue to acknowledge the disparities in our black and brown communities in housing, employment, education, and health care since the days of slavery and Jim Crow, and the current crisis of mass incarceration and excessive force by the police.

In the LGBTQ+ community, we have learned that “silence=death and action=life” when our health and lives are at risk.  As such, we commit ourselves to speak up when we see injustice and to educate our fellow professionals on implicit and explicit bias. We will continue in our efforts to educate legal professionals on the issues, legal and otherwise, facing the LGBTQ+ community on a daily basis, and, moving forward, we will endeavor to seek out and amplify the voices of the disenfranchised, both within and without our community.

We welcome all members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies in our charge to make a difference and to join us for meetings and events. For more information on committee membership, please contact Robert Abruzzese, Member Services Director

While we continue to wait for a world where Pride is celebrated in a more familiar way, we still assert our right to be loud and proud of all our differences and diversity and wish everyone a happy and safe Pride month.

LGBTQ+ Committee