An Introduction to Business Valuation: What Attorneys Need to Know | Pre-Recorded


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This course will examine the situations that give rise to a business valuation and provide an introduction to the technical aspects of business valuation. Topics covered: Reasons a client needs a business valuation; Cases: Shareholder disputes, No buy/sell agreements, Divorce; Advantages of a Court-Appointed Valuation Expert; Valuation Assumptions, Approaches & Methods; Valuation Standards and International Glossary; Types of Reports; and Common Errors.


2 MCLE Credits (1 Skills; 1 Professional Practice)


Hon. Carolyn E. Demarest — Presiding Justice of the Kings County Commercial Division
Dewey Golkin, Esq. — Law Offices of Dewey Golkin, Chair of BBA Commercial Law Committee
Jeffrey Golkin, Esq. — Jeffrey Golkin Partners
Edward F. Esposito, CPA, ABV — Accredited in Business Valuation


BBA Commercial Law Committee