Medical Malpractice: The Most Recent and Important System Changes | Pre-Recorded


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Topics covered: Changes in Med Mal Trial Readiness Part in Brooklyn; Statewide Changes in the Litigation and Trial of Medical Malpratice Cases; Med Mal Early Settlement Part; Medical Indemnity Infant Fund; and Advising Clients on the Medical Indemnity Fund.


2 MCLE Credits (Professional Practice)


Hon. Ann Pfau — Statewide Coordinating Judge, Medical Malpractice Matters
Hon. Marsha Steinhardt — Kings County Med Mal Trial Readiness Part
Hon. Lawrence Knipel — Kings County Early Settlement Part
John Bonina, Esq. — Bonina and Bonina, P.C.


The BBA Medical Malpractice Law Committee, John Bonina – Chair
The BBA Volunteer Lawyers Project, Jeannie Costello – Executive Director
HSBC Bank – Montague Street Branch