Miscellaneous Proceedings in the Surrogates’s Court: What You Must Know | Pre-Recorded


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Topics covered: Compromise and account proceedings; Proceedings to fix attorney’s fees; Safe Deposit Box and Apartment Search Proceedings; Modifying Letters on account of additional assets or to sell real property; Proceedings to revoke/suspend Letters; Resignation of fiduciary; Discovery/Turnover proceedings; Reverse Discovery Proceedings/Special Letters of Administration; Proceedings against fiduciary; Construction/Cy Pres proceedings; Appointment of successor executor; Proceedings to compel production of Will; Proceedings to determine validity and effect of right of election; Proceedings to determine validity of claim; Proceedings for advance commissions; Withdrawal proceedings; Proceedings to obtain advice and direction; Proceedings for authorization to continue business; Proceeding to create Supplemental Needs Trust; and Probate to Heirship proceedings.


2.5 MCLE Credits (Professional Practice)


Hon. Bruce M. Balter


Gary R. Mund, Esq.
Paul S. Forster, Esq.
Frank T. Strafaci, Esq.