Part 137 Attorney Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program


Rules and Forms for the Arbitration of Fee Disputes

The Brooklyn Bar Association Fee Dispute Resolution Program is set up to assist in the resolution of fee disputes between lawyers and clients through arbitration. 


To Request a fee arbitration:

  • Complete the Client Request for Fee Arbitration form and return 3 copies of it to the address indicated on the form.

  • Include 3 copies of all evidence that supports your claim, such as cancelled checks, receipts, letters, and other papers regarding the dispute.  DO NOT ENCLOSE THE ORIGINAL PAPERS.

  • Include the $175 administrative filing fee as a check or money order.


The arbitration and procedure identified on the Client Request for Fee Arbitration form is designed to be user friendly. You are free to attend these proceedings without counsel, and may also have a lawyer represent you or attend as a counselor if you choose. As part of the voluntary settlement of a fee dispute claim, you may be asked to sign a release which, as a matter of law in light of the language it contains, might be interpreted as release of all claims against the lawyer, including but not limited to, claims for professional malpractice. Should you be asked to sign any such release, the Joint Committee suggests that you consider consulting independent counsel. 



To learn more about the Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program, visit the website for the Office of Court Administration

  • Brooklyn Bar Association President
  • Armena D. Gayle, Esq.
  • (photo courtesy of Brooklyn Daily Eagle)